The Indigo traffic management software has the ability to reduce your paper mountain, through a simple scanning solution

Many haulage businesses suffer from an overload of paperwork due to the busy office environment and sheer volume of work completed on a daily basis. Some consignments require additional paperwork to the POD and hence when this is left unmanaged it can lead to an untidy office environment. Where the paperwork is not effectively controlled and filed, it can lead to loss of vital documentation.

Indigo’s scanning module benefits your business by enabling multiple scanned images to be held against the relevant job for easy recall. This is quick and easy to achieve either through single sheet or batch sheet scanning. All images are held on your server.

 The key benefits of the Indigo scanning module are:

  • Increased level of control negates the need for costly manual labour searches through your archives.

  • Dispute resolution is faster through ‘touch of a button’ image retrieval.

  • Enhanced customer service through emailed paperwork at the touch of a button.

  • Greater visibility for customers who can view the documentation online via iWeb.

Reduce paperwork, fast image retrieval