NEW – Indigo integrates with Haulage Exchange


Here at Neil Porter Associates we are continually striving to improve our customer experiences and enhance the ways in which they can use our Indigo software.  Our integration with Haulage Exchange – a leading provider of managed freight services for the domestic road transport industry, is another step forward saving customers both time and money.

It’s FREE!!  Here at NPA we believe that this integration is a value-added service and therefore we are releasing this at no additional cost.

Why integrate?

A number of our customers use Haulage Exchange very successfully.  They like the fact that they can be part of an extensive virtual fleet, making them more attractive to larger organisations that are looking for end-to-end visibility of their operations.  The ability to see the location and status of vehicles, regardless of who is operating them provides increased confidence when committing customer loads to other members of the Haulage Exchange, improving asset utilisation, achieving operating efficiencies and ultimately increasing profitability.

The integration enhances the value proposition for smaller fleets that had previously failed to justify the cost of telematics. Furthermore, it will also help companies promote unused capacity to other members, minimising empty running and boosting revenues.

How does it work? 

Indigo controllers now have the ability to post jobs including international jobs to courier exchange straight from their control screen within Indigo.

This will cut down on controller’s double keying data which will help to reduce errors, and will save time and hence money.  Furthermore, they can receive tracking updates automatically into Indigo which will change both the status and the colour of the job in the control screen and finally, they will receive the POD when it becomes available.

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March 24, 2017