Indigo integrates with 3rd party and hub software, resulting in an extremely versatile solution for central management of your business. The extensive functionality we offer both in Indigo and via the means of integration offers labour and cost savings in a number of areas.

Use of multiple IT systems can be a drain on your labour resource. Often, consignments must be input into each system separately, leading to data duplication. Labour and paperwork inefficiencies are the outcome and it gives the appearance of a fragmented organisation. Indigo provides the functionality to integrate directly or indirectly with a number of the major carriers in the parcel and pallet industries.

Dependent on the carrier IT constraints, Indigo can send and retrieve consignment information through a variety of file structures in either real time or batch updates. Where pricing is established in carrier or depot systems, this detail can also be accepted ready for invoicing. Through these means, Indigo draws all consignment information together for central management, control and invoicing. Other functions that can be achieved are consignment number allocation and label printing.

Indigo can import collection requests and PUR’s for management through our control screen, thus enabling your controllers to effectively plan and control your resources. Costs are minimised as a result with the most efficient use of the drivers and fleet at your disposal.

Once the deliveries are completed, Indigo can retrieve POD information from carriers and match supplier invoices against jobs to highlight any cost anomalies.

Aside from the carrier 3rd party integration, Indigo also provides address validation integration via Postcoder and Quick Address. Further details are available on request.

Central point for control and invoicing, maximise resource efficiency.