Indigo is our traffic management software system for the logistics industry and sits at the centre of your business environment.

Indigo’s modular structure lends it to being user friendly and enables you to tailor the functionality to your specific logistics management requirements.

Comprehensive booking wizards guide you through consignment entry, with automated mileage calculation, pricing and costs, providing on the spot margin visibility. Address management tools are available to improve the quality of your data input and in turn help to eradicate failed deliveries due to address errors.

Our colour coded control screen allows quick assessment and management of live jobs. Real time status updates give greater control to your operations staff, allowing them to highlight problem areas and resolve matters prior to them becoming an issue. iMobile provides an extra level of intelligence, sending back signatures and incorporating 2 way driver messaging.

Our comprehensive search facility allows you to interrogate the Indigo database of jobs, narrowing it down to a single job or a set of jobs meeting specified criteria. Specific searches empower your staff to resolve queries quickly, rather than spend a significant amount of time sifting through paper files.

Indigo eliminates further time consuming paperwork through its automated processes. Email job confirmations, POD’s and invoices can be despatched automatically or at the touch of a button. Time savings can be further enhanced with the addition of iWeb and iMobile. iWeb allows customers to book online, reducing your administration time and iMobile eliminates the need for printed job notes. Simplification of these administrative tasks will result in major time savings and improved efficiency within your business.

Listed below are some additional benefits which will help to overcome any operational challenges:

  • Central control screen to manage all key data sources
  • Extensive 3rd party software integrations
  • Fully automated central pricing
  • Automated surcharge addition
  • Fully automated carrier & cost generation
  • Configurable data Import & Export routines
  • Full traceability from input to completion
  • Security controlled access
  • Multi depot capability
  • Planning module
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Vehicle Maintenance records

Save time & money. Improve efficiency. Gain greater control.