iMobile 2 New for 2017

New for 2017 – We have been working hard adding features to our current iMobile module that will improve the overall driver management experience.

Introducing iMobile 2 – it works in exactly the same way as our current iMobile but with a few new features that will make your job a lot easier.

With the new release of iMobile 2 we are taking signature capture via smartphone technology to the next level.

  • View Driver Plan – We have added a new function in the control screen where you can view all jobs each driver has assigned to them on one pop up window.
  • Daily Checks and Vehicle Defects – We have now included a Daily Checks section. These checks are carried out as part of the overall maintenance which helps maintain driver and operator road safety standards.
  • Icons appear that denote what the status of the job is on the driver’s PDA.
  • Controllers can now change the order of the jobs around to aid efficient completion and group address areas. Once changed the driver automatically receives an update on the PDA.
  • The ability to split sameday jobs has been added to allow completion of drops and deliveries in any order independently of each other.
  • Messenger – Our 2-way driver messaging now works from within iMobile 2.
  • Drivers can now assign discrepancy codes via the PDA, to highlight issues in real-time.
  • Search for jobs by date – we have now added the ability for your driver to view jobs on specific dates to see what they have ahead of them.
  • Amendments made to job details in indigo automatically get sent straight to the assigned driver’s PDA
  • Improved POD photo capture to cope with higher resolution cameras. This allows your driver to leave parcels in a safe place when signature capture is not possible and return this photo to your controllers.


For more information on how iMobile 2 fits in and works with your company call us on 0844 840 3333 or email us at

January 30, 2017