Indigo’s iMobile module offers the opportunity for mobile workforce management. iMobile integrates seamlessly with Indigo to provide real time status updates, signature capture and two way messaging facilities via smartphone technology.

iMobile is loaded onto handheld devices such as PDA’s or XDA’s to provide an affordable real time solution to enhance your customer service offerings.

Full track and trace visibility is important to customers in today’s competitive environment and in addition to sending real time updates back to Head Office, job details are also updated on iWeb with immediate visibility. This is a HUGE bonus of having Indigo, iMobile and iWeb working in harmony.

Your controllers distribute jobs to your drivers and via our touch screen technology, they will manage those jobs through to completion. An audible alert will sound on receipt of a job or an amendment to a job. ‘At a glance’ coloured icons are used to highlight which jobs have been read and which need the driver’s attention. Multi drop jobs are identifiable immediately. The real time data returned via iMobile allows close and accurate management at Head Office.

iMobile will considerably reduce your administrative costs. You will have no further requirements for printed job notes, multi part consignment notes, run sheets and specific job paperwork. Telephone costs will reduce through the use of two way messaging and will leave your office staff free to answer more calls from customers and increase your revenue.

Driver hours and vehicle defects can also be managed through iMobile. Our driver login screen requests the relevant data and downloads this into the Indigo traffic management system.

 Additional features and benefits of iMobile include:

  • Driver ability to amend key information
  • Photo capture facility allowing for a record to be taken of any anomaly
  • Hosted on your server

Mobile workforce management, track and trace, real time updates


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